Green Waste

Green waste is collected curbside from City residential homes; green waste is strictly limited to residential yard clippings from routine pruning and landscaping activities. It does NOT include debris generated from commercial tree cutting or landscaping services.  

Reminder: Please keep leaf piles completely separate from brush, limbs, and twigs.

Collection Schedule - Week of September 25, 2023

*Note: the green waste collection schedule varies throughout the year depending on environmental factors; please check the schedule weekly here prior to placing debris curbside

  • Monday - Continue in Area 2
  • Tuesday - Area 3
  • Wednesday - Area 3 & 4
  • Thursday - Area 4
  • Friday -  Area 5

Please refrain from parking on the street on your collection day.

green waste collection zones map

Please click here to determine your green waste collection zone.


  • Always separate green waste into three piles: brush, grass clippings, and leaves.
  • Place piles at least 3 feet from other obstacles (mailboxes, utility poles, vehicles, etc.).


  • Block the sidewalk or street.
  • Put debris in bicycle lanes.
  • Put any yard debris in plastic bags.
  • No limbs longer than 6 feet in length or 6 inches in diameter.
  • No tree stumps, dirt, land-clearing debris, or waste generated by a contractor.