Animal Services

Spartanburg Police Department's Animal Services Division is responsible for enforcing the City's animal and pet ordinances, as well as responding to calls and tips from citizens regarding animal control issues. Our division focuses on compliance through education, and whenever possible we work with pet owners to resolve issues. When necessary, however, citations are issued. Animal ordinance citations are heard at the City of Spartanburg Municipal Court at 180 Magnolia Street on Mondays at 1:30 PM.

General Rules About Animals & Pets in the City of Spartanburg

  • Dogs and cats must wear city licenses and rabies tags at all times. License fees are $6 for cats and dogs that have been spayed or neutered. The fee for dogs that have not been altered is $25.
  • Dogs and cats must be restrained on their owner's property at all times.
  • All animals must have access to clean water at all times.
  • Exotic animals are not permitted in the city.

Temperature Regulations

Pets must be brought inside to a temperature-controlled environment when the temperature is at or below 32 degrees, or in the case of a heat advisory, wind chill warning, or tornado warning.

Tethering Regulations

Tethering of pets is restricted to 2 hours within a 12-hour period, and only a cable and trolley system may be used. No tethering to trees or posts/metal stakes is allowed.

Shelter Regulations

Portable pet carriers, wire crates, pet taxis, and metal barrels do not provide adequate shelter for outside pets, and therefore are banned from being used as forms of shelter.

Shelter during winter must have a roof, an entrance covered by a flexible wind-proofing material, and must contain dry insulating bedding such as straw deep enough to allow the dog to burrow.

In all other months, dogs must have access to a shelter shaded by trees, a roof, and a tarp, or tarp-like material for the cover. Outside enclosures must be at least 100 sq. ft. for dogs weighing under 80 lbs. or 150 sq. ft. for dogs weighing over 80 lbs. For each additional dog within an enclosure, 50 sq. ft. must be added. Enclosures must be constructed with chain links or similar material and must be tall enough to contain the animal. 

Trap-neuter-release program (tnr)

The City's Animal Services Department operates a trap-neuter-release program for feral cats located within the City limits. If you are interested in having Animal Services assist in trapping and altering a feral cat on your property, please contact us at 864-582-1558. Altered cats will be dropped off at the same location in which they were trapped. *Please note funds and traps for this program are limited*

Spartanburg County Animal Control

The City's Animal Services Department functions only within the City limits; our department has an existing partnership with Spartanburg Humane Society for all found domestic pets picked up by our officers within the City limits. Please contact the Spartanburg Humane Society directly at 864-583-4805 if you are looking for a lost pet.

If you are located outside the City limits (for example Campobello, Chesnee, Cowpens, Duncan, Greer, Inman, Landrum, Lyman, Pacolet, Wellford, and Woodruff) you MUST contact Spartanburg County Animal Control under the Office of Environmental Enforcement at 864-596-3582. Spartanburg County Animal Control does NOT pick up animals in the City limits, and does NOT have a partnership with Spartanburg Humane Society.