Emergency Services

For the Spartanburg Fire Department, protecting our City's citizens means more than just fighting fires. Our department provides a variety of other services as well, often ranging far beyond Spartanburg's borders and supporting other departments around the county when they need it most.

Hazardous Materials Response

As part of our full-service approach to fire and emergency response, the Spartanburg Fire Department participates in the Spartanburg County Hazardous Materials Response Team for Spartanburg County. Hazardous materials response is complex, with considerable knowledge and resources required to cope with emergencies that could include spills, fires, or other incidents involving hazardous and often very dangerous materials.

Currently, 35 members of the Fire Department are trained as Hazardous Materials Technicians, are members of the Spartanburg County Haz-Mat Team, and are called upon to respond to various kinds of hazardous material incidents including tractor-trailer accidents, railway accidents, and aircraft emergencies.

Technical Rescue

Protecting our citizens from the unexpected is just part of our job at the Spartanburg Fire Department, and our Technical Rescue team is there when our citizens need them most, providing rescue for anyone trapped in a structural collapse, vehicle accident, flooded areas, cave-ins, or trenches.

In cooperation with the Spartanburg County Fire Marshal and Spartanburg County Fire Departments, the Spartanburg Fire Department has established a technical rescue program to rescue trapped or endangered persons from any cause, i.e. structural collapse, vehicle accidents, swift water or dive rescue, cave-ins, trench rescue, etc.

The team, in partnership with other emergency service agencies and county fire departments, responds to rescue emergencies all over Spartanburg County, providing assistance when needed to those who call our City home, and those beyond its borders.

Emergency Medical Services

Spartanburg Fire Department personnel are often the first to respond to medical emergencies--responding to motor vehicle accidents with reported injuries and providing emergency medical care as a South Carolina Department of Transportation First Responder. Once on the scene, Fire Department personnel initiate patient care and tend to any injuries until Spartanburg County EMS can arrive on the scene. Additionally, the Fire Department responds to any other call when requested by County EMS, often assisting in accessing or lifting a trapped patient.