Fire Prevention

Fighting Fires Before They Happen

There's no doubt about it; fire prevention is our department's number one life-saving tool, and the only good home or business fire in Spartanburg is the fire that never started. The Fire Marshals at the Office of Fire Prevention are our Department's prevention experts, assisting the public through coordinating community education programs, pre-fire incident planning, and fire safety compliance inspections.

Fire, Arson, & Explosion Investigation

The Prevention Office is responsible for all fire, arson, and explosion investigations, ensuring that the origin and cause of every fire occurring in our City is thoroughly understood. The results of those investigations can be used to analyze specific fire problems that may exist within the City, enabling these problems to be addressed through public education. If an investigation reveals that a fire was deliberately set, an arson investigation is initiated, involving the Fire Marshal and detectives from the Police Department. The Prevention office also provides technical assistance to law enforcement personnel in connection with explosive investigations.

Inspections & Pre-Incident Planning

Fire safety inspections for the thousands of businesses in our City are coordinated through the Prevention Office. Fire Department personnel conduct the majority of annual fire safety inspections, looking for any hazards that could jeopardize the livelihood of the business, the safety of employees and customers, and also looking for potential hazards to emergency personnel. A list of critical occupancies is maintained and inspected by the Prevention Office, based on higher hazards due to content, size, or occupancy type. Violations discovered during the fire safety inspection are brought to the attention of the owner and occupant of the business. The Fire Prevention Office makes every effort to work with business owners and occupants to eliminate violations. In the event that violations are not corrected, legal action can be taken as a last resort. The goal of this program is to ensure the safety of the business as well as the safety of the customers, while also providing the highest degree of safety for responding personnel in the event of an emergency.

Pre-fire plans may be conducted at any location within the City including businesses, special hazards, and neighborhoods. These pre-fire plans help orient the fire personnel with any special concerns that might be encountered during an emergency response. Fire personnel also record information about building layouts and hydrant placement.

Fire Plan Review

The fire plan review process helps to ensure buildings are constructed to comply with any standards established by adopted building codes. Standards have been adopted by City Council ordinance, and help maintain a safe environment for our citizens and firefighters. Permitting and reviewing for fire sprinklers, fire alarms, hood suppression, and other fire suppression equipment, whether new construction or renovation is conducted by the Building Department.