Alarm Registration

Spartanburg Police and Fire Departments respond to over 4,000 false alarms every year, costing the citizens of Spartanburg thousands of dollars each year. False alarm legislation exists due to concerns over police officers and firefighter safety, and in order to help ensure that our personnel is more effectively used by reducing the number of false alarms. False alarm calls reduce Public Safety's effectiveness and undermine our ability to respond to other calls.

False Alarm Reduction Unit

The Public Safety False Alarm Reduction Unit was created to administer the City alarm law. The unit helps to reduce the number of false alarms in the City by licensing alarm companies, registering alarm users, and sending notifications of false alarms and bills for excessive false alarms to alarm users. The unit also ensures that appropriate inspections and upgrades of alarm systems occur, and trains residents and business owners on how to prevent false alarms.

Steps if a False Alarm Occurs

Here are a few steps to remember if a false alarm occurs at your home or business:

  • Do not call 911.
  • Stay off the telephone.
  • Carefully disarm the alarm.
  • The alarm monitoring service should call immediately. If they do not call, call them.
  • Explain that there has been a false activation, and give them the secret password. The alarm user will not be charged unless an officer arrives to the alarm location. Keep the verification, cancellation instructions, and monitoring company phone numbers hidden, but accessible.

To register your alarm, visit the alarm registration website.

Good to Know

If you have an electronic burglar or fire alarm system installed within the City of Spartanburg, it must be registered. An alarm permit is valid for 12 months from the date of registration. There is a $10 registration fee to register your alarm system.

Alarm Registrations and payments may be mailed to:

Spartanburg False Alarm
P.O. Box 602829
Charlotte, NC 28260