Complaint Procedure

The Office of Professional Standards and Inspections (OPSI) is responsible for all internal investigations for the Spartanburg Police Department (SPD). OPSI staff reports directly to the Chief of Police. OPSI Lieutenants are responsible for conducting and/or overseeing the investigation of complaints made against employees of the SPD. Anonymous complaints are accepted and investigated to the extent to which the information allows.

SPD personnel is expected to perform their duties ethically and professionally. The integrity of the Spartanburg Police Department depends on the honesty and discipline of its employees, therefore, all complaints are taken seriously.

Complaint Procedures

All complaints are filed in OPSI and are reviewed to determine if the complaint will be assigned to the employee's immediate supervisor for investigation or investigated by OPSI. The disposition of complaints is determined based on the investigative findings. The complainant will be notified at the completion of any investigation.

Steps in filing a complaint:

  1. Complete the Complaint Form (PDF). It is always helpful that the complaint provides as much firsthand information as possible.
  2. Mail your complaint form to OPSI at:
    206 N Forest Street
    Spartanburg, SC 29301
  3. Or bring it in person to the Public Safety Office of Professional Standards and Inspections of the Spartanburg Police Department.
  4. A Lieutenant assigned to the Office of Professional Standards and Inspections will contact the complainant. In this step, the complainant may be requested to give sworn statements, produce any evidence of allegations, and/or discuss their complaint.
  5. The Office of Professional Standards and Inspections will notify the complainant of their complaint's disposition.

Summary of OPSI Investigations

The Office of Professional Standards and Inspection is responsible for investigating any report of alleged misconduct, inappropriate behavior, officer-involved shooting, or any other situations of importance that warrant a thorough and objective investigation.

These investigations may originate from either an internal or external source. Each investigation will contain one of the following conclusions in a final report:


  • Exonerated: Incident occurred, but actions were lawful and proper.
  • Sustained: The allegation did occur.
  • Not Sustained: Insufficient evidence to prove or disprove the allegations.
  • Policy Failure: The allegation is true, but investigation reveals police or procedural changes are necessary.
  • Pending: Final disposition has not been reached.

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Letter of Commendation/recognition

The Chief or Administrative Staff members may recognize an employee's performance with a letter of commendation. Commendations are considered for employees who perform their duties in an outstanding skillful manner through their knowledge, initiative, common sense, and selfless conduct, which are exemplary but do not meet the criteria for an award. The employee will be given a copy of the letter and a copy will be placed in the employee's personnel file. 

  • Non-department members may recognize meritorious performance by calling or writing a letter to the Chief's office recommending an employee for commendation.