Narcotics, Vice, & Organized Crime

Keeping Illegal Drugs & Prostitution off Our Streets

The Narcotics, Vice, and Organized Crime Unit targets vice operations and the flow of illegal drugs into our City. Through partnerships with other local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, we work to keep illegal drugs, prostitution, and illegal gambling out of our community. Through our partnership with the FBI, we have shut down several major drug organizations with ties reaching as far as California, Texas, Georgia, Florida, Maryland, and New York.

The unit also focuses on removing the profitability from drug trafficking and routinely seizes currency, automobiles, jewelry, and high-end electronics related to the drug trade, helping to ensure that crime does not pay in our community.

Report Illegal Vice or Drug Activity

To report illegal vice or drug activity, or for more information on the Narcotics, Vice, and Organized Crime Department, contact us by email, or by phone at 864-596-2040.