Property Maintenance & Housing Inspections

The City's Property Maintenance Inspections Department works with property owners and neighborhoods to address nuisance properties and housing violations, protecting property values and making your neighborhood more pleasant and welcoming for residents and visitors alike.

Keeping your property in good condition and free of debris, dead vegetation, and overgrown weeds and grass is important for several reasons:

  • Helps ensure your family lives in a clean, safe, and pleasant environment.
  • One unsightly property can damage or destroy the look of the rest of the well-maintained neighborhood.
  • Enhances property values and contributes to neighborhood revitalization.

If you have a complaint or concern regarding City maintained properties, garbage/recycling roll cart violations, littering, or illegal dumping in the City limits, please contact Environmental Services Enforcement either on the form found on their page, or by calling 864-596-3690.

If the property is located in Spartanburg COUNTY, you will need to call the county at  864-596-3186. You can also visit our Resource Tab below for more information on other local municipality Code Enforcement Agencies.

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