Neighborhood Plans

In the fall of 2017, Clemson University Students from the Planning Studio visited the City of Spartanburg and met with neighborhood residents to discuss ideas and improvements for their communities. Areas included in the planning process were:

  • Beaumont Mill Village: Residents want to protect the character of their historic neighborhood. How can we make preservation easier together?
  • Highland: Connecting a neighborhood to resources for inclusion and improvement. How linking Highland to existing trails, parks, and fresh foods can have a lasting, positive impact.
  • South Converse: Exploring the right kinds of investments to make this jewel in our city shine even brighter.
  • W Main Street Corridor: As downtown expands, what improvements should be considered for this important entrance into our central business district?

View the following links for downloadable versions of the students' completed plans.

Beaumont Village Neighborhood Plan

Highland Neighborhood Plan

South Converse Neighborhood Plan

West Main Corridor Visioning