Building Maintenance

The City's Building Maintenance department is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of more than a dozen City-owned buildings, including City Hall, the Downtown Memorial Airport, Public Safety, Public Works, all City Recreation Centers, and more.  

Some City buildings include:

  • City Offices
    187 W Broad Street
  • Downtown Memorial Airport
    500 Ammons Road
  • SPARTA Passenger Center
    North Liberty Street
  • Public Safety Crime Prevention
    187 W Broad Street
  • Public Works
    801 Union Street
  • Traffic Engineering
    189 John B. White Boulevard
  • Public Works Transfer Station
    305 W Henry Street
  • SPARTA Maintenance Facility
    150 Airflow Drive

Flag policy

The Building Maintenance Department's policy regarding flags at City-owned buildings is as follows:
  • Flags are only lowered under the advisement of the SC State House or the City Manager's Office.
  •  Flags are inspected regularly and replaced as needed.
    • Lighting is also inspected regularly. 
  • Flag poles are inspected regularly and repaired or replaced as needed.
  • No flags at City-owned properties are raised and lowered daily.
    • Any flag that is lowered per the SC State House or City Manager's Office may remain lowered throughout a weekend or holiday, but will be adjusted to standard on the next business day.