2023 Comprehensive Plan - Update

The City of Spartanburg would like to express our appreciation to all of the community members, business owners, students, families and friends who contributed to Plan Spartanburg. Whether you participated in Planpalooza, watched a Focus Meeting video, joined an On The Table discussion, submitted photos, or visited the website; your participation helped to inform the creation of this Comprehensive Plan. Thank you for playing an important role in forming the vision for the future of Spartanburg.

In 2019, the City of Spartanburg kicked off “Plan Spartanburg,” a community-wide initiative to update the City’s Comprehensive Plan (also referred to in this document as the “Comprehensive Plan” or the “Plan”). Building on past planning efforts and the 2004 Comprehensive Plan, this updated Plan seeks to implement a vision that preserves and enhances the character of Spartanburg while advancing its primary goal of a more equitable future for all who live there. The City has identified a twenty-five year planning horizon for this project, meaning its recommendations and guidance should carry the City into the 2040s.

This process was supported by extensive and robust public participation that included residents, business owners, local interest groups, and elected and appointed officials. The updated Comprehensive Plan is the result of thoughtful public conversations spanning more than a year and represents a path forward for the City of Spartanburg to achieve its vision.