How do I recycle tires?

The City does NOT collect tires for recycling. City residents must take any tires to the Wellford Landfill, 595 Little Mountain Rd. Wellford, SC 29385 to be recycled. Residents may bring up to 5 tires per household free of charge, and anything past that is $1.50 per tire (passenger sized) or $3.50 per tire (oversized). Tires are also accepted at some County clean-up events. Contact them at 864-949-0211 for more information. 

If someone has illegally dumped tires onto your residential property, please contact the City's Environmental Services Enforcement Department at 864-596-2911, or fill out the form on their page here

If you are a business needing to recycle tires, please contact Spartanburg County Solid Waste at 864-949-0211. 

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