How safe are pedestrian crosswalks?

Marked crosswalks are considered safety devices, and must jurisdictions give the pedestrian right-of-way when walking in them. However, many pedestrians feel overly secure when walking in a marked crosswalk, which could lead to undue hazards due to the mistaken belief that a vehicle can and will stop in all situations (even when it may be impossible to do so). 

A crosswalk should be considered a warning device to vehicles, yet studies indicate that distance, road alignment, pavement irregularities , and other variables like weather, lighting, or glare may diminish a driver's perception and view of the crosswalk. Pedestrians do not contend with the same visual impediments as drivers may, and make the assumption that a driver's view results in the same clear view of the crosswalk as the pedestrian has. Pedestrians should not feel overly confident and make assumptions as to visibility.

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