What are examples of Housing Violations?

All residential properties must be well-maintained, safe, and sanitary. Violations that may trigger a property maintenance action include:

  • Peeling paint
  • Deteriorated/damaged roofs
  • Unsanitary facilities
  • Electrical and lighting hazards
  • Unsecured buildings
  • Damaged doors or windows
  • Absence of a heating system or damaged heating system
  • Deteriorated/damaged fences and walls
  • Substandard or inoperable plumbing

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1. What does the City prohibit/what constitutes a Nuisance Violation?
2. What are examples of Housing Violations?
3. What do I do if there is a nuisance property in my neighborhood?
4. What happens when a violation is reported?
5. What happens if a violation is not corrected?