Privacy Policy

The City of Spartanburg respects the privacy of all website users. This privacy policy information is intended to explain our current website privacy practices, but shall not be construed as a contractual promise. We reserve the right to amend our Internet Privacy Policy statement at any time without notice. The City of Spartanburg will comply with all applicable state and federal privacy and data protection laws.

 As used in the policy, the term “personal information” means information that identifies individual users. To ensure the best website user experience and to better provide users with relevant City information and services, the City of of Spartanburg may collect the following personal information:

Routing or client information: The internet address of the device used to access a City of Spartanburg web-based property.

Essential technical information: The web browser used to visit a City of Spartanburg web-based property and the identification of the page requested.

Non-essential technical information: The internet address of the website which directed a user to our website.

Optional information: Information provided voluntarily by users in communication with City of Spartanburg staff or while completing online forms.

All personal information collected through any City of Spartanburg web-based property is used to help deliver information more effectively, respond to requests appropriately, and to plan future website improvements. Our web-based properties may contain links to websites controlled by other public or private entities, whose privacy practices we do not control.

There is no legal requirement for providing the personal information delineated above. However, City of Spartanburg web-based properties may not function properly without the above routing and essential technical information.

MySpartanburg Mobile App

The City of Spartanburg utilizes the SeeClickFix platform, which provides an online and mobile service request system, for its MySpartanburg mobile app. This platform allows City of Spartanburg residents to place requests for service and report non-emergency issues and to relevant City Staff. The SeeClickFix platform can be used through a website-based interface or by downloading the MySpartanburg app on your Apple or Android smartphone.

The SeeClickFix platform is public, and any description entered will be visible to the public. User display names are also visible unless issues or requests are submitted anonymously. User email addresses will never be displayed publicly.